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Best apps to watch movies on phone

Watching movies is always one of the best hobbies people have and it is quite interesting that the internet is filled with movies which are there for you to watch and download anytime you want. You can easily find any of the movie which you want and download it right away from the internet without actually having to pay any kind of fee or whatsoever.

full movies online for free without downloading

People usually like to watch movies on their devices and be it their phones or laptops, people would love watching them. However, there are always ways for you to also watch your favorite movies on your phones and that’s why, we have the best apps to watch movies on phone.

To provide you with such apps, here is a list of such movies:

Full movies online for free without downloading on android phone

YouTube (Free)

There is no better app for you to use than YouTube, as you are totally going to enjoy it here with all the new shows and movies. You can easily check for any of your favorite stuff and full movies online for free without downloading. You can even watch it on your phones as well as your laptops or PCs.


If you have an Android phone and you want to watch movies on it, then this is the best option for you, as you get to watch movies here as well as your favorite TV shows which you might have been looking for. You can easily download them on your phones and start watching them right away.


SnagFilms has been known for its awesome availability to great content, be it movies, Tv shows, documentaries, videos or whatever you want. You can easily search for any of the movies which you are looking for, here, and download them right away without facing any kind of issues. You can also watch them online or download them right on your phones, for free.


I pushed Netflix a little back just because of the reason that even though you get amazing content here, but it is still paid. You have to subscribe to a plan in order to watch and download movies from Netflix. You however are going to totally love this site and fall in love with it, as it easily allows you to watch all your favorite movies without any issues and you can even watch and download those movies on your phones as well as your TV’s or laptops.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a great match for you if you are not satisfied with Netflix and the best thing about this site is that it will allow you to watch movies without any issue, yet you would have to register for the services just like you would do in Netflix. Along with that, you can even watch your favorite TV shows or movies for that subscription plan which you have already opted for. So, go ahead and try this site out for sure, as you might find some great stuff here.